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PCB plate points, the SD board kapoor matters need
Release Date:2014/03/17    Sources:Dafeng Electronics Technology


PCB plate of SD plate kapoor considerations:

1. PCB machine pay attention to the material and plate accurately, material number and the name plate including the name of the schematic diagram, schematic diagram of schmetic filename, schematic diagram in the lower right corner of the documentation.Schematic diagram no network connected to pin to the fork.Existed before the network wire connector, remove the network name later still exist, for numbering system such - XXX.The DRC will go wrong, will need to completely remove lead, and cross it.

2. PCB, machine needs to be done as required to export the file including the GERBER file and engineering drawings, pay attention to the request on board needed to indicate the material requirements.

3. The SD board kapoor, first place files according to the actual demand.Place the documents are to take coordinates to ensure that a matter is poor.Pay attention to the master and FLASH can't close to the edge, set aside at least 0.5 mm of space, is out of production.

4. Export the CAD files to suffix called DXF files to the engineering manager, pay attention to the unit is mm.

5. Wiring should first clarify various primary and secondary relations between signal lines, the main line of CLK and VSD, in general, the CLK signal will need land lines or land surrounded.

6. Signal to complete all spread copper wiring, observation, make the land as far as possible big, small gap between signal lines as far as possible, so that it can expand the land.Connected to the top and bottom to reliable, in the case of fluctuation has copper, played more holes are linked together.