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Since the delivery points machine in a routine wor
Release Date:2014/03/17    Sources:Dafeng Electronics Technology


Start time: fork device is not correct, article led lights machine, fork sliding column device within the move bushing to rotate the motor gear can't with fork.Electromagnetic switch touch point contact early, engaging gear is not mesh, machine start motor which is rotating.Electromagnetic switch core and the flange clearance between the push rod is too large.One-way clutch skid, unable to drive the flywheel ring gear rotation.Start the motor gear serious wear and tear, PCB pneumatic machine.With the method of the flywheel ring gear meshing.Electromagnetic switch often absorb normally open electromagnetic switch often so-called normally open, refers to the press after the start switch, electromagnetic switch core just sucked go up and then take off, take off immediately after sucked up again, and then take off immediately, not start a machine.To present the common reason of this problem is stick to coil circuit.

Machine can't work or work to common reason: battery charging lack;Between the battery and start the motor connection disconnected, loose wiring clamp or battery column serious oxidation;LED aluminum plate machine, electromagnetic switch deflector ablation or contact with the two terminal severely malnourished;Excessive brush wear, spring break or electric charge in the brush holder;Between the brush and rectifier with oil or commutator serious ablation;Winding short circuit or open circuit;Commutation of armature winding and desoldering place;Bearing or copper wear sweep the rotor chamber;Device when four brush the wrong position or new for axle sleeve clearance is too large.