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The features and basic functions of curve points m
Release Date:2014/03/17    Sources:Dafeng Electronics Technology


The features and basic functions of curve points machine

1, curve points machine can display an error message and cutting state information such as milling cutter, the spindle, current production.The picture 2, color display, with captions and easy operation.3, mouse can make decision, and the roles of manually click and teach the shift operation.Image capture card, and 4, built-in imaging artifacts and operation, with the screen, easy to operate.5, the mechanical parameters and function set can be made of lock, in order to avoid wrong operation.
One, the curve points machine movement trajectory can freedom space (space straight line, arc, using hardware interpolation, which can realize fast line and arc interpolation and all kinds of complex trajectory.
Second, the preliminary path design, dynamic tracking display processing, manual intervention process (such as pause, continue to work, back to zero, stop, etc.)
Three, in the design, fully consider the use of simple, without impact, reduce the number of keys to a minimum, simplify the operation process, worker training is simple, save training time and training costs.
Four, can be in a certain range to meet the needs of different height of the workpiece, and can ensure that at the time of replacing cutting head, don't need to rethink trajectory correction.
Five, the velocity and acceleration in the process of flexible control, input and output port.